About Us

NC Maphia is basically based on Fun, Respect, and all around a bit of madness we all pitch in anything needing done like our in game sessions we start a survival some of us don't manage to last through every wave so all in all one of is happy to take on more enemies than we can handle but we usually get by our crews a bit like a family well it is kinda a family we all respect each other as well as our new members we expect the same amount of respect. We give everyone else though and we do have some rules well a lot of rules but if you break those rules you have to be willing to accept the concequences.

Our crews a lot of fun so i don't really see why no one would want to join, our designs and creations take a lot of hard work and creativity as you'll have noticed we like to show our crew off a bit but it's an amazing crew and a great experience. NC Maphia is a crew based on GTA V online. We are growing day by day but we have just recently opened as GTA was just launched on 17/09/13 the crew opened up on 16/12/13. We train the members up for example we do Boat test,Bus Test,Shooting range. To test your shooting skills for the heists. We will be planning the heist very well. The leader of the crew like to do things as a team.

The Banners displayed below is the picture that we took of the crew members when we were down the beach and it was fun as us at NC Maphia has a lot of fun. NC Maphia is a GTA V & Facebook based Crew. We tend to do a lot of events, such as parties, quiz nights, musical and many more events. These events we host, we mostly have it private to NC Maphia but sometimes we do invite only and occasionally we open our doors to the public/forums. We also do a variety of different competitions on The websites General Discussions such as, carry on stories, relating to our theme for the week comps, best Car, time outs, raffles and many more, so keep a eye on forums for us! For what we've got in store for you.

Higher ranks in our team and if you wanna meet them, be sure to look around on forums/In Game and I'm sure you'll bump into one of them! When a new person comes into our Crew, the whole Crew welcomes them so much, as we care so much for our Crew members and we'll look after you, 100%. Finally, on our NC Maphia Crew Facebook Like Page, we do a lot of offers and give away's for everyone to get involved in, to win a lot of In Game Money and even prizes on the spot, so be sure to keep your eye on our page but also LIKE OUR PAGE but why not take a risk and join us! We promise it'll be fun!

NC Maphia is now in partnership with Dead Eye and if you would love to find out more information on Dead Eye then please click here.