Current Buildings

NC Maphia College
NC Maphia College: 2019 - Present

NC Maphia College is an educational facility for new and existing players of the grand theft auto online commuinity that might need to improve themselfs. NC Maphia College is situated in the pacific standard bank near the vinewood hills and is easy access via personal transport. More details on NC Maphia college will be on their direct website and you can access it by clicking here. We are aiming to have NC Maphia College up and running by august 2022 at the very earlest.

NC Maphia Super Yacht
NC Maphia Super Yacht: 2016 - Present

NC Maphia loves to party and do a lot of cool stuff that involves all of the crew and where is the best place too host a party? but, on a yacht. So we dicided to buy the super yacht that came a long with one of the updates to grand theft auto about a couple of years ago and ever since then the yacht has been apart of the Maphia family. The yacht is very easy to reach as you can grab yourself a personal helecopter a fly over or message a member of NC Maphia and they will pick you up and personally take you their. Unfortunatly their is no weaponary allowed on the yacht as the air defence system is always active.

NC Maphia Training Center
NC Maphia Training Center: 2014 - Present

The NC Maphia Training Center works in partnership with NC Maphia College as this is where all of the combat training takes place. This was once our official headquarters for NC Maphia back in 2013 and then we converted it into the training center. NC Maphia Training Center is very easy to find as it is also the headquarters for Merryweather Security. We are a very helpful crew and that is why we help the grand theft auto onine comuinity to better their combat skills.

NC Maphia Warehouse
NC Maphia Warehouse: 2016 - Present

Now, what good is ordering supplies if you have no where to store them. So please say hello to the warehouse and this is where all the stock gets dispatched from. We allways find the best buyer possible for all of our stock. The NC Maphia Warehouse was baught along side our official headquarters as we needed somewhere to stock our supplies so that they can get ready for shipment.

NC Maphia Biker Headquarters
NC Maphia Biker Headquarters: 2016 - Present

As some or most of you will probably know that we have got a biker team within NC Maphia. The biker team is responsable for the headquarters and the business that comes along with the biker team. You will notice the biker team from a mile away as they will be on bikes and will have the crew emblem on the back of their clothing. The Biker Headquarters is a great advantage of our biker team as this allows them to make more money while their riding around on their bikes and hanging out as a team.

NC Maphia Bunker
NC Maphia Bunker: 2017 - Present

What is the point of having a crew on grand theft auto if you do not have an underground bunker and that is exacly what we own. The bunker is a good addition to NC Maphia as we collect the supplies and our staff uses them to research and for some stock that we will be able to sell at a later date. The bunker is a greate advantage as we can also hangout here and maybe if NC Maphia feels up to it then we can also use the gunrange that we have got within our bunker.

NC Maphia Cocaine Lab
NC Maphia Cocaine Lab: 2017 - Present

What fun is it having a biker team and a biker clubhouse if they have got nothing to do. This is the Cocaine Lab that is usful for the biker team to earn extra cash and work as a team. The Cocaine Lab is based in Los Santos for a quick get away if the police decides to show up. In most state then cocaine is illegal but it is not illegal in Los Santos. The cocaine lab is where all of our supplies are created, packed and shipped for our clients.

NC Maphia Military Air Hanger
NC Maphia Military Air Hanger: 2017 - Present

Please welcome the brand new addition to NC Maphia. The NC Maphia Military Hanger where all of the aircrafts get stored for the military team here at NC Maphia. Our hanger is heavily gaurded with the military team and the security of NC Maphia. Our aircrafts take off and land on our runway and then they can be stored in the hanger but, this is not just a hanger as all of our order take place here and then the military team goes and gets them and then their brought back here for packing and shipping.

NC Maphia Security Facility
NC Maphia Security Facility: 2017 - Present

Please welcome the brand new addition to NC Maphia. The NC Maphia Security Facility this is where all of the security team hosts all of their security schedules and vehicles for their team to use. NC Maphia Security Facility is where we host the brand-new doomsday heist. The doomsday heist is a brilliant part to the grand thef auto oninje commuinity as it makes alot of money for the security team. They are three acts to the doomsday heist and that means a third lot more of money.

NC Maphia Galaxy Nightclub
NC Maphia Galaxy Nightclub: 2018 - Present

Downtown Vinewood is the entertainment capital of Los Santos. Oriental Theater, Whirligig Theater, Doppler Cinema and right in the heart of it, basking in all its abandoned commercial chic, there's a nightclub with NC Maphia's name on it. On daye one of the After hours update launching. NC Maphia Galaxy was founder. To gives us a nightclub where we can host some of our events from or even just for a quick drink. Everyone is welcome at NC Maphia Galaxy whether you are a member or not, then pop into the club for a drink, dance and even a chat.

NC Maphia Bikers Document Forgery Office
NC Maphia Bikers Document Forgery Office: 2019 - Present

Are you looking for a legal document that is forged, then you have come to the right place, because NC Maphia Bikers have got a specialised team that is on hand to help with all of your forging needs. Just give us the details and we will have your new forged document delivered to you within seven days of apply.

NC Maphia Bikers Weed Farm
NC Maphia Bikers Weed Farm: 2019 - Present

Are you looking for your next fix, then we have got you covered, as the biker team can supply you weed and you can pay on pay day, but we will be there to collect the money on the agreed day and time.

NC Maphia Casino & Resort
NC Maphia Casino & Resort: 2019 - Present

You've heard the rumors. You want to believe them, and there's only one way to find out. Abandon your preconceptions. Let go of your inhibitions, your doubts, your sense of proportion, your credit rating. The rumors didn't begin to do it justice. Welcome to The Diamond. To find out more information on what The Diamond has got to offer then please visit, there official websitye by clicking here.

NC Maphia Submarine
NC Maphia Submarine: 2020 - Present

So, it begins! The funds are transferred, the paperwork is complete, and you are the kapitan now! I am Helsman Pavel, reporting for duty! Did someone mention sub comes with top level operative for covert actions? Well, that's me. Come aboard and I will give you the tour, and we will talk about what Mini Madrazo has in store for us. This will be fun.

NC Maphia Headquarters
NC Maphia Headquarters: 2021 - Present

Our brand new official headquarters has arrived. This is where all the crew gatherings take place and all of the orders for supplies so that they can be sold at a later date. If anybody would also like to be recruited into NC Maphia then this also take place in the brand new headquarters. Weaponary is not accepted here as our headquarters is heavily guarded with our security team and if you are inside our premises then you will not be allowed to pull out you weapon. If you are in the neighborhood then feel free to pop in and say hello.

NC Maphia Recruitment Agency
NC Maphia Recruitment Agency: 2021 - Present

It has maybe been 7 years, but we have finally added NC Maphia Recruitment. The Galileo House is our official NC Maphia Recruitment Agency. Where potential members can now pop in, say hello and even enquire about becoming a member of NC Maphia. This luxurious office space in Galileo House offers splendid views of shameless commercialism at its finest. You know you've made it when you're side-by-side with Queefstat.

Previous Buildings

NC Maphia First Headquarters
NC Maphia Headquarters: 2013 - 2014

Back in 2013 until 2014 the NC Maphia headquarters what a brilliant fit to NC Maphia and this was where we scheduled all of the crew activities on a day-to-day basis. In 2014 the official headquarters moved to the pacific standard bank and this was found through one iof our members Chrissy and ever since we used the pacific standard bank as our head quarters. This headquarters was brilliant and it had it's advantages and disadvantages but it will be sadly missed as our official headquarters as all of NC Maphia has got great memories within this building.

NC Maphia Second Headquarters
NC Maphia Headquarters: 2014 - 2016

In the year of 2014 one of the members was randomly driving around and then the found got a message on the play station network to come online, which he was more that happy to. When the founder arrived in the session then he was asked to go and meet this member and the member showed Kyle the pacific standard bank. We have only got one member to thank for his great work and effort and that is Chrissy. Ever since we feel in love with this headquarters until the year of 2016 until we could physically buy our very first official headquarters. This headquarters has got a lot of memories and it will be sadly missed as our headqurters for the crew.

NC Maphia Security Headquarters
NC Maphia Security Headquarters: 2016 - 2017

The vanila Unicorn was maybe not the best choice of headquarters for a security team but it was the only option that we had left. The vanila Unicorn was for the day-to-day running of the secruity team and it was ran by the head of security until Tuesday 19th December 2017 and that was when we physically bought our official headquarters for the security team and it is now the facility that came along with the doomsday heist update. The Vanila Unicorn will be sadly missed as our headquarters as they where lovey memories that took place within this building.

NC Maphia Hanger
NC Maphia Hanger: 2016 - 2017

NC Maphia loves to roleplay so we decided to make this our official military base as Los Santos has got one so we wanted one in NC Maphia that we could call our own for the military team within NC Maphia. It had is advantages and disadvangtages and one of them where that a gang attack just spawned from nowhere but, until the year of 2017 that is when we physically bought our first official military base inside the military base. This will be sadly missed as we have got memories here as well but not as much as because of the gang attack keep spawning then this airfield was rarly used.

NC Maphia Third Headquarters
NC Maphia Headquarters: 2016 - 2021

The building that defined the LS skyline for a generation. Taller, classier, more opulent, more shamelessly phallic, less structurally sound - you name it, the Maze Bank Tower is best in class. It played a major role in NC Mapha, where it served as headquarters for NC Maphia as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. The skyscraper and its adjoining plaza and gardens occupy an entire block in Pillbox Hill, demarcated by San Andreas Avenue, Vespucci Boulevard, Alta Street and Power Street. It is the tallest building in the State of San Andreas and one of the most recognizable buildings in Los Santos.