Frequently Asked Questions

Well we all know that GTA is an 18 year old rated game but we all know that they are youngsters on playing the game but to join NC Maphia you must be at least 12 years old or over to join.

You must be at least rank 90 on GTA to join NC Maphia because if your rank 90 then you should not die when doing crew activitys.

Ranking up in GTA is easy. All you have to do is do all the activitys that the game offers and you will get RP and money for doing them and eventually you will rank up.

NC Maphia is currently on Sony play station 4 due to most of the members being on the PS4. We thought it would make sence if we transfered NC Maphia over to the next generation console.

Yes, NC Maphia has a meeting every Saturday at 06:00pm GMT.

NC Maphia has got a Facebook, Twitter, youtube channel and much more. You can find the links to all of our social media at the bottom of any page.

NC Maphia has got a Facebook, Twitter, youtube channel and much more: All the links are down below:

  1. Email Address:
  2. Facebook
  3. On our contact page by clicking here
  4. Play Station Network (PSN): NC_Maphia
  5. Social Club

At the beginning of NC Maphia, we alloud anyone to join regardless of their rank/legel on grand theft auto until we noticed that most of the members where dieing throughout a mission even if it was the easiest mission in the game, so now we require all members to be rank/level 90 uppon recruitment, because by this time you will be used to the open worrld og grand theft auto online and you will have unlocked most of the good weapons.