Meet The Founder Of NC Maphia

NC Maphia is run by Kyle Johnstone, known as the Founder of NC Maphia.

The Founder's Role

The founder is the only serving member of the crew who is officially named in public. He is appointed by, and is accountable to, rockstar North. The founder is responsible for the control of NC Maphia operations and for the efficiency of the Crew. He has a duty to ensure that all NC Maphia actions are consistent with its statutory functions. He makes an annual report on the work of NC Maphia and send them to his members on an email.

Founder Kyle's Role

Founder Kyle was previously the founder of Sweat revenge, Demon Killers and he is very good at his job. He hold's meetings for NC Maphis weekly and mostly talks about what will happen in the future with NC Maphia. From October 2013 until now he has run GTA crew's also groups on facebook their for he is a great team leader he is that good at running a team that everyone wants to join his crew's and groups and they do not want to leave.

Prior to this he owned his very first facebook group for about 2 years when he first got his very own desktop pc and he loved it he has been running them ever since. GTA then came out and he opened up NC Maphia and he has been running it for three years now. Founder Kyle was a member of a facebook group before he started his very own facebook group. His early facebook groups included DIC3, POISON and PHANTOM. Kyle's GTA crew included Sweat Revenge, Demon Killers and now NC Maphia. He also states that NC Maphia has been the best one yet.