Official History

Our official history is based or GTA and NC Maphia on what we do in our day to day gaming experiance. NC Maphia opened up in December 2013 and now we are reaching December 2015 so we have been opened for almost a year and we are hoping to be open for many years to come. NC Maphia is based on a ps3 & ps4 game called GTA and alway will be based on that game unless something goes wrong with the game wich is very doubtful. NC Maphia will soon be celebrating their 2nd year annversary due to the fact we have been open for 2 years you's will all be invited so look out for more information on this on our official facebook page. NC Maphia holds a weekly meeting for the crew in the paciphic back in the game we mostly talk about were NC Maphia will take us in the future and what we will do in the future as NC Maphia likes to plan a head and not leave everything to the last minute. We do not alway have a boring meeting it is always interesting because we give out lots of useful information about the crew and the GTA community.

After a meeting we to some things like games,survival,jobs or even try out the minigame as a reward for turning up and to keep busy. NC Maphia particapates in everything Los Santos and GTA has got to offer as we do not like to bore our members as most of the members are at that age they get bored easy and we do not like them being boring. We try to make NC Maphia a bore free zone for all our members and all our members particapates in everything the full entire crew does we are note a big crew but we are a fun crew to join. We have been open for a year and that bound to tell the public something that we are and active crew. NC Maphia does not tollerate bullying as we feel it is not acceptable in any kind of way whether it's in school or even on your games console it should not be right if you get bullyed in school you at least want to come home put you feet up, go on your PS3 and not get bullyed well now you can as NC Maphia does not tollerate bullying full stop. If you join and you do get bullyed then the bully is always dealt with by a members of Senior Management Team.